Symbian Hacked again! DrWeb ANTIVIRUS security

Symbian Hacked again! DrWeb ANTIVIRUS security

Step 1 - Connect your memory card to a pc using a Cardreader (or) To any other non symbian mobile (or) a hacked symbian mobile (or) Connect your mobile to a pc (for mobiles which has mass storage) .

Step 2 - Extract the private folder inside to Your memorycard or (your internal mass storage). After moving the private folder to Your card insert it to the mobile which you want to hack

Step 3 - Intall Dr.Web Antivirus To memory card and Install ROMPatcher+ 3.1 Lite to Phone memory

Step 4 - Run Dr.Web AntiVirus, Cancel the key error

Step 5 - Go to Options - Quarantine - Options - Select All - Options - Restore

Step 6 - Run ROMPatcher+ Lite, apply Open4all & Installserver patch

step 5 : If you get red cross for Installserver patch

Move compaitable installserver.exe from zip file to C:/sys/bin If you are not sure about the Os of your mobile Refer 2nd post

Thats it hack is done

All files need for hacking is inside the zip file. DOWNLOAD HERE

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