How to Create a Program

1. Choose your IDE. IDE stands for "Integrated Development Environment". This is a program that you will use to create your program. For the most part, the language you decide to use will determine the IDE you will use. Here are some free IDE for example. (far far from comprehnsive)
  • Visual Studios Express - C++, C#, VB, Java, J#, and Python.
  • WxWiggets - C++, VB, and C.
  • IDLE - Python.
  • Notepad + Command line - Any language that runs on your computer.
 2. Choose your interface odds are you are probably thinking of a the kind of program you are looking at right now; a program that runs with a Graphical User Interface(GUI) and not a Command Line Interface(CLI). Both are fine, just know that GUIs take a lot of work to do. How ever they allow for an easier to use program.

3.  Lay down your architecture If you are doing a simple program this won't take much, but the bigger you're program is, the more planning you will HAVE to do. There is no such thing as no design, just bad design. Depending on your language, this step can vary, if you are using an object orient programing language you will need to plan you're class and the like. If you are doing a liner program, then you will have to decided what comes where.

4. Program If you are writing a large program this part takes work, lots of work. Like hours into the night covered in mountain dew cans. But if it is a smaller program it may only take a few minutes. But this is where the bulk of you're time is going to be spent. Here you take all you're plans and put them in to motion.

5. Test While you are programing, and when you are finished programing you will be testing, frequently. if a problem comes up in the program, you've got to go back to programing and fix the bug. Don't be discouraged by this step. Microsoft had to fix over 10,000 bugs before they released windows 7.

6. Release and enjoy. Your program is done. You may have to patch it if problems come up again. but now you have the program for what ever it was you wanted to do. Enjoy.

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